Baby blessings / namings

Baby Namings / Blessings

I am happy and honored to create a naming ceremony for a new child, be the ceremony Jewish, interfaith or non-sectarian.

Giving a child a Hebrew name and welcoming that child into the community of Israel is a profound privilege.

In Jewish tradition, as long as a person is remembered, it is said that he or she has not died. So, it is usual to name the child after a relative who has passed.

This is especially meaningful in an interfaith family. In my opinion, as well as in the opinions of many rabbis, a girl or boy who has one Jewish parent is entitled to be named in Hebrew and to become a full fledged member of the Jewish people.

I am not a mohel who performs a traditional circumcision on the eighth day of a male child’s life.

I do offer the spiritual equivalent of the ritual for a male child of interfaith parents.

"Dear Rabbi Ross,

Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony you performed at the baby naming! We were so happy to have you there and look forward to sharing in more happy occasions! Our whole family was so happy to see you again!

Love, Deb, David & Rebecca"

For more information on customizing your baby blessing or baby naming ceremony, please contact Rabbi Roger.