Do you have a spiritual "knowing" that you are really Jewish, though born into a different faith?

Are you about to marry someone Jewish and do you see the beauty and joy of Judaism as a faith-path and a lifestyle that truly appeals to your heart and soul?

Are you considering entering into the faith of your spouse-to-be so you can raise your children in a fully Jewish home?

Do you wish to convert the children of an interfaith marriage to Judaism so they may be full members of the community of Israel while living in a home with parents of two different faiths?

It is my joy to teach private conversion classes, and I am happy to guide you through the journey which we and a Beit Din (a board of witnesses) complete with a joyous ritual celebrated at a Mikvah in New York City, the ritual bath where the actual conversion occurs.

Please contact me for more information on converting to Judaism.

Rabbi Roger