Bar / Bat Mitzvah Bar / Bat Mitzvah

· Have you been considering a Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony for your child and found that there are just too many obstacles for her or his needs?

· Is it because you are not affiliated with a particular stream of Judaism or are not members of a congregation?

· Is your child learning challenged or having difficulties with the Hebrew language?

· Have you been told that you child isn't Jewish because only his or her father is Jewish?

I believe that every Jewish child has a right to his or her Bat or Bar Mitzvah, and I believe that if either parent is Jewish, then their child is Jewish. I believe each child should be able to approach this wonderful life-cycle moment with light hearts rather than with trepidation or fear.

While I do not teach Hebrew or the cantillation of the Torah portions, I do work closely with the tutor or tutors that the family has chosen for those instructions. I follow a "traditional" format and tailor the content of our studies to the abilities of each student. I meet with students in my home where we explore Jewish traditions and culture and I guide each of them to find her or his particular passion and purpose; the "take away" that each child would like to share with family, friends and the human community. If it is more convenient, I can hold distant learning sessions via computer using Skype. I take as much time as needed for each student to be comfortable and clear about the information that she or he receives.

When the day arrives for the celebration, my students approach the moment joyously and filled with confidence as they complete this most important ritual in the loving presence of their family and friends.

Please contact me for more information regarding a Bar or Bat Mitzvah ceremony for your child.

Rabbi Roger